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Bosch, A Leader in Automotive Technology

Bosch, a global company with over 180,000 employees and annual sales of $20 billion, has for over 100 years been committed to developing innovative products for the automotive industry. Along the way, Bosch has earned its position as a key Original Equipment and Aftermarket supplier to most of the world's finest automobile makers.

Through its operating groups, divisions, subsidiaries and joint ventures, Robert Bosch Corporation manufactures and markets high quality, high technology original equipment components/systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, automotive aftermarket parts and accessories, workshop, test equipment, car audio systems, cellular phones, fan systems, packaging machinery, industrial automation components and systems, metal deburring, finishing, aqueous washing systems and industrial electronic controls, hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems, and household appliances.

Bosch fuel injection systems and components, for example, perform so well that virtually every U.S. and European manufacturer uses them. And, most fuel injected Japanese vehicles use systems and components produced under license from Bosch. Bosch also leads the world in the production of (ABS) anti-lock braking systems, with over six million systems installed throughout the world.

Bringing Quality Products to the Marketplace

Bosch automotive parts and accessories meet or exceed strict Original Equipment manufacturers' requirements. Bosch stands for product superiority, and complete customer satisfaction at competitive prices. All good reasons why more and more Bosch products can be found on millions of vehicles traveling North American highways.

Commitment to Service Excellence

At Bosch, the ultimate goal is to provide total customer satisfaction through superior-quality products...on-time delivery...and complete aftersale service. This total commitment to "service excellence" has played a large part in earning universal respect for Bosch automotive products around the world.

The Broad Range of Bosch Automotive Products Includes:

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