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Hello, and welcome to my swanky new pad on the Internet. I am really excited about this new medium and am looking forward to providing more and more information here as time passes. In the meantime browse through the all the great features already incorporated into this little domain I call my Homepage.

For visitors interested my past work I have included a recent Biography containing information about my career, both in magazines and on the screen.

I also want to use this site to provide and promote internet resources for young models who are looking for advice, connections, and support in their careers. I've been in the game for a while and really hope that you can take advantage of my Fashion Guide which gives my thoughts as well as links to other good resources.

For those interested in my work in the modelling industry check out The Alt Gallery. There you'll find much of my portfolio online. Look for this place to grow soon.

My increasing involvement in movies, television, and the internet has inspired me to create an Entertainment Guide which indexes some of my favourite sites the industry has on the web. The web is a great place to network, find out what's happening, and even get the gossip. If you want to know where to go check out my links.

I also have a number of products available for purchase via this website. Included are some new video releases of my syndicated series, Thunder in Paradise, my workout videos (designed with help from fitness expert Kimberly McAnelly and Cosmopolitan Magazine), and of course prints of some of my recent photo sessions.

Have Fun!
- Carol -

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For those of you interested in contacting me about something or someone in the industry or just talking to me about what you're up to. I have set up a number of forms by which you can do so.
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