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She was just seventeen, our daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a cousin, a granddaughter and a friend. She was a country girl at heart, a model and a "bull". . . Taurus was her sign. Krissy was tall , curvy and suntanned. She loved children and animals, her big blue Chevy truck and mudding, country music and line dancing on Sunday nights, blue jeans and cowboy boots, bikinis and the beach, sleeping late and waffles for breakfast, CK perfume and Oil of Olay. She tuned into country music 99.9 Kiss FM, Garth & Reba were at the top of her charts and Brad Pitt captured her heart. Songs she loved; Redneck Girl, Friends in Low Places, Red Stroke, The Dance, Any Man of Mine, Standing Outside the Fire.

Favorite color- green; favorite places - Dennys, Paulos Pizza, Chilies, Miami Subs, the drive-ins, and the beach; favorite things- Jake, Blake and Hunter, her truck, her beeper 231-kris, her phone, her room and her sisters Joelle and Niki.

Krissy embarked on a modeling career following in her sisters footsteps which led her to the runway shows of NY and Milan, and thirteen magazine covers together with TV appearances on MTV and ET.

Her travels took her far and farther ...... Atlanta, New York, Connecticut, Cabo San Lucas, St. Barths, California, Hawaii and Milan.

Krissy lived a beautiful little life full of fond memories of her friends and family. Her goal in life was a simple but honorable one. . . . . to one day be happily married with a family of her own .

She would want to be remembered as a country girl who loved life and all the excitement of living it to the fullest.

In the pages that follow we hope to take you inside and behind the scenes with Krissy .

Remember her this way. . . . . . .

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