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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is an independent, coeducational university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more informal information, see the MIT Student Information Processing Board's SIPB WWW Server. Our first campus information system was TechInfo.

Spotlight on MIT pages: MIT Foreign Languages and Literatures

General Information
MIT facts, news, student, faculty, and staff online directory, including homepage URLs, visitor information and how to apply to MIT.
Academics and Research
Browse through information on MIT schools, departments, research centers, labs, and programs. Access the MIT Libraries. Search the Registrar's Office Subject Listings/Schedule, and the academic calendar.
Administration & Services
The Alumni Office, Career Services, and other offices offering services to the MIT community. MIT is currently reengineering its administrative processes.
Computing at MIT
Academic Computing Services, PGP, help lines, exploring the Internet, services offered by and more. Guidelines for appropriate use of MIT's CWIS.
Online publications, newspapers and newsletters, documents, and how to get theses, working papers, and technical reports published at MIT.
Activities On & Off Campus
Information on MIT groups, organizations, and events on campus and elsewhere in the Cambridge/Boston area. There's always something to do!

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