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Consumer World® has gathered over 1200 of the most useful consumer resources on the Internet. Whether you want to check an airfare, find an ATM machine anywhere in the world, file a consumer complaint with a state agency, read 100s of consumer booklets, find a low rate credit card or mortgage, research a law, look up the wholesale price of a car, locate a Better Business Bureau, find a toll-free number, listen (literally) to the latest news, contact a company's customer service department, comparison shop for bargains and last minute travel, check stock quotes or CD rates, read a movie review or see a preview, clip electronic coupons, or search the Internet, you can do it in Consumer World.

Clickable hot sites and index

Check the latest product recalls, scam alerts, the news of the day from ABC News and newspapers, and read the daily edition of Money Magazine. You'll also find out what's new in Consumer World, as well as on the Internet.
Got a consumer complaint? Find links here to federal, state, and local consumer offices, as well as to the Better Business Bureau.
This is the consumer reference library with directories to find 800 numbers, ATM machines worldwide, books, CDs, and manufacturers. You'll also find 100s of booklets about your rights from the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Information Center (Pueblo, CO), and other sources. In addition, you can find car recalls and reviews, and search for a federal law or regulation, and much more.
Major companies offer customer service and product information through the Internet. Here are links to companies like AT&T, FedEx, Frigidaire, MCI, Saturn, TRW and even Walgreens!
Looking for travel information? Make reservations or check prices on-line! Look up airline schedules. Find a bed and breakfast or hotel, or a guide to your favorite city. And, for entertainment, check out previews of the latest movies, read movie reviews or check on-line TV viewing guides.
Check stock prices. Compare CD and mortgage rates. Find low rate credit cards and the lowest insurance prices. Learn credit card secrets. This section contains a wide variety of information to help you with your personal finances and credit.
Have we got a deal for you! Find out the wholesale price of your car. Buy foreclosed real estate. Pick up a freebie from the Free Offer Forum. Comparison shop for over 250,000 items. Shop a factory outlet. And link to the many sites offering discounts, bargains, coupons, sweepstakes, free offers, and last minute travel.
Link to many of the shopping malls and specialty stores on the Internet. Whether it's music, computers, electronics, or clothes, there's a store for you.
Search the Internet for the subject of your choice, or check one of the many Internet directories. Check out Internet Wonders like I-Phone (to talk via the Internet around the world toll-free), or peek in on people with spy cameras. You'll also find computer resources and shareware libraries.
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Consumer World has been created by Edgar Dworsky, a consumer advocate/educator and an attorney.

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