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    Jantzen is synonymous with summer, swimming, and
    beach life, and has been for generations, thanks
    to our commitment to style, color, comfort - and
    most of all - fit.

    We have suits for your personal style and body
    among the hundreds of Jantzen and Electric Beach
    . Whether sunning on a rooftop in
    Manhattan, playing beach volleyball in Daytona
    Beach, or just jumping waves in San Diego, Jantzen
    helps you make your own beach.

    And if you're into clean and healthy swimming
    environments, we'd like to see one of the
    semi-annual beach clean ups Jantzen helps sponsor
    throughout the world. We've been promoting Clean
    Water since 1926, so come join us as we do our
    part to keep our beaches beautiful.

    Jantzen and Electric Beach by Jantzen can be found
    in America's better department stores, swim
    specialty stores, and beach shops.

    Call us at 1-800-238-SWIM for the store nearest you.

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