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It's not just on the drawing board. It's for real.

And it's Drums, the virtual production studio that puts the world's best print, film and video professionals on your desktop--without having to be in the same room with them. In fact, with frame by frame movie playing, videoconferencing, immediate access to digital stock house searches and T-1 Net connectivity, it's how creative teams are working together from across the country as easily as sitting at the same table.

But don't take our word for it.

Listen to what those who've been using the beta version of Drums are saying about it in THE PLAYERS. It's a list of who's who in the production community including everybody from John Hughes, of award winning special effects studio Rhythm & Hues to other firms like R/GA Digital Studios, Lamb & Company and more. You'll not only see how Drums helped them complete projects without leaving their desks, but you'll also get a preview of how Drums' is revolutionizing production.

Yeah, yeah, we know you've probably heard that before. That's why we have real examples of collaborative work done with the system in our DRUMS AT WORK section. See how Drums helped Jeep, Honda and Parker Brothers create some excellent ads with some incredible effects.

But for the whole picture on Drums, hit HOW DRUMS WORKS. You'll get the low-down on how the world's first networked production community works, what it does and how you can be part of it.

Be sure to stop in for a few NEWS AND REVIEWS. It's our library of articles from current publications and more that will give you an idea of how Drums was developed specifically for the production community and where it's headed in the future.

And finally, get a hands on demonstration of Drums at FIND OUT MORE. We'll put you in contact with specialists who can give you a demo that will put you at the center of the world's first networked production community.

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