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Welcome visitor , this is a visual ego-document, meant to please myself, and hopefully also you, as viewer. Presented here are a few examples of different kinds of photography, in which I am currently involved. Check them out if you can spare the (transfer) time, and feel free to comment, Email me at: [email protected]. Also present is some personal data and a bit about the "hardware" I use (for those who are interested of course, because it's the image and not the hardware that counts).

Infrared Photography

I.R photographs shot on Kodak Highspeed Infrared film, some made in Holland, others abroad.

Hampi, South India, December 1994

More Infrared photographs......

Panorama Photography

Panorama photographs from different places, shot on Tmax400, made with an old Russian Panorama camera (Kiev Horizont).

Teylers Museum, Haarlem, Holland, 1994

More panorama photographs......

Studio/location Photographs

Photographs made on MF (6*6) with flash equipment both in a studio and on location. Most of these photographs were inspired by pieces of text.

You may find yourself in another part of the world
And you may ask yourself: "Well how did I get here?"
Talking Heads, Remain In Light, 1980.

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(The strobe icon is a "gift" of the The Photography Spot, a very nice site with a lot of links to other photo home pages and galleries)

Travel Photography

Photographs made on 35mm B/W, made in Europe and Asia.

Chengdu, China, November 1991

More travel photographs......

Digital Imaging

An project in wich I'am currently involved is digital manipulation of B&W photographs with Adobe Photoshop. One of the first results is shown below.

More ....


This whole virtual page would not exist at all if the Leiden University (more specific the department of Human Genetics) did not provide me access (and hardware). But most importantly of all: the patient help of our computer guru:

Nick Pearson.

...... Just hopping in cyberspace


Seventh Version, 1 May 1996

This site has been added (amongst others) to the catalogues of InfoSeek and Starting Point.

Some of my IR photographs will be included in Il museo che non c'e' -"The Museum Which Does Not Exist", a CDrom project under development.


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