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Need to find a fellow IPMS member on-line? Check the IPMS E-mail Directory. The Scale Model Forum has compiled a hyperlinked directory of all the IPMS members worldwide that we could find online. If you are not listed please email me. (And please have patience on upodtaes and corretions.)

Read up on some great humor! If you know someone who "knows it all", but never seems to have anything to show for it, you'll get a kick out of "Crawfordized & In Defense of Experten", by Don Rakoski and Kelly Crawford (sarge).

If it's a Soviet jet your about to build, check to see if your kit is included in the "Soviet Jet Quick Reviews". Over 30 mini-reviews give the modeler at least an ideas of what to expect.

Take a look at the Submarines of the US Navy before and after WWII. This Image Gallery contains pictures of the development of submarines in the US up until WWI, and picks up with postwar diesel/electric conversions.

"Are we there yet?" Yes, it's a road trip- contest time! What happens when you let a nicotine/caffeine addict drive a group to St. Louis for a model show? Read "A-Masterconning We Will Go" in the Humor section of the Article library for a great laugh we can all relate to.

Yes, there are OTHER model related websites out there, and you can access most of them from the Scale Model Forum "Links" section. With more and more websites of note coming online, a great place to start searching is here! Hundreds of links to all kinds of modeling, military, history, and other useful websites.

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