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July 1996

Investment Headlines
The Syndicate and Individual Inc. are proud to bring you the latest investment headlines. Now you can access market information directly from Newspages.

misc.invest.funds FAQ
The misc.invest.funds list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is now on the web. A useful resource for everybody from beginning investors to "old pros."

DBC Quotes
Stock, commodity, mutual fund, money market fund and index quotes are now available via DBC Online for users of The Syndicate. Also, check out DBC Industry and Headline Reports.

Syndicate Fraction Converter
1/2 and 3/4 are easy conversions to decimal, but what about 27/32? The Syndicate Fraction Converter is a handy reference guide you can print out and keep next to your broker's phone number.


Information and commentary on stocks and the stock market. Everything from foreign stocks symbols to how the NASDAQ market works.

Finance Pages
Links, links, and more links. The Finance page is growing by leaps and bounds. Believe it or not there are now well over 1600 Links. The Finance Page is now one of the largest collections of financial links on the internet.

Broker's Corner
Despite the name, this section is open to both brokers and investors. Much of the information in The Brokers Corner has to do with issues of importance to brokers, but should be of interest to just about everyone.

Bond swaps, Treasury market buying, and terminology. What more could you ask for in a section devoted to bonds?

Mutual Funds
The Syndicate Mutual Fund Section has been replaced with the misc.invest.funds FAQ Homepage.

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