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What's A RAV4?
Call it anything you want. Some call it an SUV. Others, a mini-ute. Automobile Magazine (January 1997) calls it both "a sports car for the new millenium" and "Automobile Of The Year." And some even call it a "Dream Car" -- visit the RAV4 Dream Gallery to share their vision.

Whatever you call it, you get the versatility of an SUV (including available full-time four-wheel drive) and scoops of fun. To paraphrase Mae West, it's not the cars in your life that matter, it's the life in your cars.

Want to know what "RAV4" really stands for? Take our multiple-choice test (go ahead -- a sharpened No. 2 pencil is not required):

Already know the answer? Explore one of the options below.

EXTRA: Limited Edition RAV4L Here Today, Gone ... ?

Comfort: Ooh, So Comfy
Engineering: That's The Spirit
Styling/Colors: Time To Break The Mold
Virtual Showroom: Walkarounds + Interior PhotoBubble + Photo Gallery
Value/Price: Quality And Affordability
Safety: 'Cause You Never Know
Models/Features: Specifications, Options And More
History: Break Out The Cake And One Big Candle
All-Text Specs: One Big Printable File
Glossary: Definitions And Illustrations Of Automotive Terms
Dealer Locator: See A RAV4 In Person

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