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Did you read the foreword? If not, I recommend you to take a look. If you already read it, I'll also strongly advise you to peruse the technical reference so you can avoid all hindrances during this journey.

If you have already visited this place and know your way around, have fun!

Terreiro do Paço


A decision has been reached in the fight to overturn the Communications Decency Act!

Full text of the decision.

the city
town plan, description
chronology, museums

to be
restaurants, bars, discos
hotels, fado houses

to see
air, night, street
and many other photos

to listen
Tetvocal, Madredeus, Fado
O Homem Engarrafado

to know
bibliographies, emergency phones, transportation
visitors: Tom Butz & Tom Sullivan

to speak
about the city: to praise or to criticise
about these pages: to say nice and bad things

technical reference
the technical reference of these pages:
who makes them, what sort of reactions they cause

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