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The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is on the front lines, defending the world's marine mammals with direct and decisive action.

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General Information

About Sea Shepherd
Who we are, how we operate, and the international agreements we work under.

Sea Shepherd in Action
Read about previous Sea Shepherd actions around the world.

The Issues
Papers on eco-centrism, over consumption, and factors affecting the health of marine life.

The People
Sea Shepherd is an all-volunteer organization.

Get Involved

Sea Shepherd Log
Tables of contents (and a selection of articles) from our quarterly newsletter.

How You Can Help
You can support Sea Shepherd in our never-ending efforts to keep critical issues alive.

Books, T-shirts, hats, and other merchandise.

Contact us
For subscribing to our Mailing List, or requesting other information.


Newsletter Table of Contents
Check out what's in the Sea Shepherd Log for the 1st quarter of 1996.

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