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WELCOME TO NETSPEDITION! Netspedition was an interactive scientific expedition to the Amazon region of southern Venezuela. The expedition's primary objective was to demonstrate that scientific research in a highly remote regions could be conducted interactively over the internet. During the course of their adventure, the Netspedition team conducted a butterfly and a limnological study at various stages in the jungle. The results in the form of text, data and images were released onto Web for immediate analysis by collaborating scientists back in the UK. Based on their analysis, the scientists were able advise and direct the team maximising the research productivity of the expedition and demonstrating, for the first time, another powerful use of the internet.

Although primarily a scientific expedition, the entire internet community were also able to experience Netspedition. As the team canoed along the rivers of the Amazon a continuously updated log of the team's adventure was placed onto the Web including sounds and images of what is one of the most spectacular regions on this planet. Needless to say, the expedition was followed in real-time by thousands of people around the world!

Within these Web pages you now have to opportunity to relive this exciting adventure. Learn about how the team survived in the jungle and about the many indian cultures that were encountered; read about the injuries and the illnesses and about the team's narrow escape from the uncivilised Yanomami tribe.......join us....if you dare....

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