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The Bad Religion page
The most complete source of Bad Religion info on the web! Includes a complete discography, audio clips, videos, exclusive photos and interviews, and much more!

The biggest Bad Religion page on internet. Very nice layout and graphics.

Trond Bruunīs page.
My simple, but great Bad Religion page includes lots of photos, a list of my audio BOOTLEGS (trade/buy) and lots of links to other BR pages, and some other stuff.

This is a Norweigan Bad Religion page. Very interesting! Tabs, pics, rare things, Quick-time videos and lotīs of info. Way to go,Trond!

Chris S. Bad Religion Page
Contains Discography, Lyrics, Tour Info, Links, and Surveys!

Chris has done a great job here. Pretty cool page.

Bad Religion
My Bad Religion stuff includes Lyrics, Links, pics (taken by me), the trade page, and a guestbook (Greg Hetson has signed it), soon to have my informal chat with BR on there (in some form before 4th July when I go home for summer). For the information of the misinformed few, I am not the Band! he, he, See ya:)

Pretty good BR-page, lotīs of interesting stuff here.

The Bad Religion Dictionary
Ever wonder what some of those big words that Bad Religion uses a lot mean? Well fret no longer! With almost 300 entries, the Bad Religion Dictionary (or alternately, The Less-Than-Liturgical- Bad Religion-Lexicon!) is guaranteed to increase your word power. The dictionary is sorted alphabetically, with a definition for each word, an excerpt of the lyrics with the word in context, the song and album title, and the author of the song.

Says Greg Graffin, on the creation of the dictionary: "Oh, cool...That’s great...No, that’s nice. A kind gesture."

This is a very bright idea! Goooood page!!!!

Finnish Bad Religion Page
A good-looking Finnish page where you can vote for your favourite Bad Religion song or album.

Zoneīs Bad Religion page
My homepage contains tabs,and lyrics of the new album....I've link it up to the ultimate band list....which i think is the best link.....

A very nice looking Bad Religion page, where you could read and learn B.Rīs songs from their latest album, The Grey Race.

Crilleīs Bad Religion page.
This is a Swedish page with of some info, lyrics and other things worth to know.

The Bad Religion Mailing list
One big mailing list with lotīs of interesting articles.

Bad Religion Mailing list home page
Another Bad Religion mailing list. Which is the best? See and find out by yourself!

Stefans Bad Religion page
Some info on Bad Religions albums and songs. Got lyrics too.

The orange county keith net-zine
A good interview with Bad Religion.

PPPīs Bad Religion
Only some lyrics, nothing more to get here....

Union Tickets - Concert Schedule for Bad Religion
Buy or sell tickets for Bad Religions concerts all over the world, also a concert schedule, so you should know when and where they play!

Jonathan Latourīs Bad religion
Some pics of the band, nothing more...

Håkanīs musicpage
Pics and some wav, worth to check out.

Prindle record rewiews - Bad Religion
Different reviews of different B.R songs and albums.

Sony musicīs page about Bad Religion
This is the "official" Bad Religion Homepage. Pretty boring (did you expect something else?).

Sony musicīs german Bad Religion page
Sonyīs german "official" home page, this one is better than the other one.

Coffeebreak with Bad Religion
An interview with Bad Religion in RA-format.

Beats and Pieces
A Bad Religion trivia. This is good work indead.

Bad Religion
This is a Finnish Bad Religion page. If you understand Finnish itīs may be good. I donīt, and I donīt understand a thing.

Music Lynxīs Tab page
Only two tabs on Bad Religion, but they are ok.

Bad Religion Photo Collection
Bad Religion photos live from Houston.

Pärīs Page
This is another Swedish Bad Religion page. Here can you find lotīs of lyrics and some guitar tabs.

Jasons Bad Religion Page
Only some pics on albums, rather boring actually.

Atlantis Records Tour Page
This is the recordcompanyīs home page. They have lots of info on Bad Religions (and other bands) tours. They have also some very nice photos here.

Bad Religion
Some cool wav,s and info about Bad Religion.

Bad Religion
Only some info about Bad Religions albums. Pretty boring.

Bad Religion projektwork
Someoneīs work about the band. Not much but anyway.

Bad Religion
Italian Bad Religion page. You better know Italian before you get here.

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