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No American or East Anglian can think seriously about B-17's today without feeling the tug of their great pupose and destiny. They were the two-fisted tin cans that tore the roof off a deranged empire. When they swarmed over occupied Europe, people blessed them. One day, when several hundred of them roared across Holland, a little girl cried out in fear. Her father put his arm around her, took her hand, and looked up. "Listen to it, Helene," he told her. "It's the music of angels."

One Last Look by Rex Alan Smith.

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I wish to thank all the men and women involved with the design, construction and operation of the B-17 Flying Fortress. This page, however, is dedicated to all those who participated in the furious battle that raged over Europe from fall of 1942 until the spring of 1945 and paid the ultimate price for the freedom that we enjoy today. Without them, this page would never be possible. To all their families, I express my deepest gratitude.

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