Archived Pages from 20th Century!!

Archived Pages from 20th Century!!

Sam the Toy Train Man

Top 5 percent Hi, I'm Sam, the Toy Train Man. I am a private party, who has been collecting toy trains for over 20 years and am currently the president of the Toy Train Operating Society - Southwest Division, California's largest toy train club.

I'd like to take this time to welcome everyone to this site. The objectives of this home page include providing free toy train appraisals, sharing pictures of some of the most beautiful Lionel® trains and accessories ever made (be sure and check out my Picture Catalogue), and providing a central jumping point to as many train (toy and otherwise) related sites as I can find. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to give them.

I am currently constructing a list of descriptions and links to the sites I have found to date. I am always looking for and adding new sites, so be sure and check back in the near future for additional links. If you would like to be added to my list, simply mail me your web site address and I'll see what I can do.

As my mother would say (with her southern accent) .... Y'all enjoy!

Do you have any old toy trains, such as LIONEL or AMERICAN FLYER, laying around your house?
If so, I may be willing to pay you cash for them!
For a FREE APPRAISAL, please provide your name, phone number and list of items you have by calling me at 1-818-888-3694 or by e-mailing the information to [email protected].

My primary interest lies in collecting Lionel trains. Over the past several years I have collected not only the actual trains produced by Lionel, but many of their other paraphanellia as well. Among these, some of the more interesting items I have are the old Lionel train catalogues. Following is an excerpt from the 1927 Lionel Catalogue. I include it here as an answer to those who would ask why I collect trains.

Lionel will give you all the thrill and fascination of operating a real railroad. You can either play the part of locomotive engineer, train dispatcher, switchman or station master, and perform all the duties of real railroad men with your Lionel Model Electric Railroads, for they are real in everything but size.

Ready? Let's go! All aboard!! You switch on the current from your "Multivolt" Transformer, and the Lionel Limited with its powerful headlight shining and cars brilliantly illuminated, gracefully glides away -- smooth and silent, just like a big all-steeled Pullman Train.

You advance the transformer switch, and immediately the massive motor responds -- increasing its speed and hauling the big train with perfect ease. Down the straightaway stretch we go -- cars gently swaying, as real railroad cars do -- past the steel telegraph posts, semaphores and block signals.

Now we go dashing over the "Lionel Bridge" -- a beautiful structure built of steel throughout -- and on to the level railroad again.

Steady there 'round the curve! -- then, through the new illuminated all-steel Tunnel -- out again into the open. In the distance we see the brilliantly illuminated Station at Lionel City -- a touch of the transformer lever, and the Lionel Limited reduces speed and majestically stops -- the body of the engine quivering like a living thing, as though satisfied with a glorious run. A signal from the conductor -- All Aboard!

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