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This page is collecting links to ALL Star Wars related archives on the Web. Below is the most comprehensive list that I have compiled to date. Links have been collected from reading the SW newsgroup and simply surfing the web. It is by no means complete, and will be growing for a long time to come.

I compiled this list so that as many Star Wars fans as possible are able to have all the possible resources available at their fingertips without having to go searching the entire galaxy. As such it is regularly being posted to rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc and, and will be open for all to see. If you'd like to copy or mirror this link, I'd appreciate it if you ask me first. I will undoubtedly say yes, but I need to know where it has propagated, not because of any fame or fortune that might come my way (although if you know of any, don't hesitate to tell me), but rather because I have put a lot of time into it.

This list may not be retransmitted in any altered form without permission from its author/owner.

This page is best viewed under Netscape 1.1 or higher or a similar browser. Nevertheless, any browser should still be able to receive all the important information.

Do you mantain a site that is not listed in the Complete Star Wars WWW Listing, or know of one someplace else? If you do, please fill out the submission form

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