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Summer's here at last! This is the season to bare all the bits you dare to bare. Guys will be pleased to know that this Summer, ths skimpiest of outfits will be seen on the streets. Our article Hot Hot Hot will explain.

Take a quick look at some of the cold hard modeling realities faced if think you'd like to be a model on a photo shoot.

Check the Contents for a full listing of our material - we have many articles throughout the magazine. Readers are encouraged to get in touch by email; your feedback keeps us on our toes.

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Need a new look for the office? This year, your hair is the latest accessory. Frustrated by impossible-to-wear runway fashions? Here's some advice on making runway styles work for you. And if you've not heard of Afro Deco, here's Lynda's report on this look for Spring/Summer '96.
Coming soon... Our major review of The Clothes Show Live from the National Exhibition Center, England. While we're working at this, here's Lynda's initial Thoughts on The Clothes Show Live.

Keeping an eye on Spring '96 and some of the latest fabrics, be a "Fallen Angel" and check out your Urban Glamour options.

For all you guys in a gift-buying panic, here's the answer: More Shopping Tips for Men including the scoop (hmm) on buying underwear for that special girl...

Pick up your ticket for the Online Show!!
We have a Cornucopia of material covering the August Premier Collections Fashion Exhibition from Birmingham England. There's nearly 70 pages of exhibitor offerings covering Autumn '95 into Summer '96.
The Fashion Page spoke to David Chu of Nautica International. Read about the designer and president of this New York City menswear company.

If you're configured for AIFF audio playback, click to hear the John Galliano word on his prediction for the look for last autumn.

Women's Shoe Styles This Autumn looks at what's happening this fall on your feet. (There's a pun there somewhere...) We haven't forgotten the men either; there's some new advice from Lynda on Autumn 1995 looks for men, and the Latest on Men's Footwear for the coming Autumn/Winter season.

We've started a series of articles on local fashion designers, and here's the first. Read about Glitz-Queen Debbie Williams of Flirtz in England.

Here's an exclusive Fashion Page interview with Red or Dead are it. If you're into their look, we have a History of Red or Dead to round out your knowledge.

Is green the coming color? For the environmentally-minded fashion-conscious of our readers, this article by John P. Mello Jr. will hold you enrapt. Read this if you'd like to know how to be cool and wear the latest in Trash Flash.

Panic's over! We have our first article taking a look at this autumn's styles. Here's Lynda Stretton's take on the Touch of Class this fall.

For a long time, we've been wanting to get together an article on make-up. Thanks to a well-timed press release, we're able to present the first of what we hope will be many. It's called Working with Make-Up.

Fashion house Givenchyrecently surprised the industry by placing Englishman John Galliano at the helm. Here's that news and a beautiful example of his retro look... A New Man Steps In.

While we were panicking and trying to get the autumn collections material together, we decided to divert your attention with a picture page called Sand on the Runway. The pictures feature beachwear from last spring's collections. There's even something here for latex lovers.

More movies!!! Don't know what makes us do this as it takes up tons of Internet bandwidth. Anyway everybody seems to like these movie clips and we hadn't added new ones for ages. There's a four-part Todd Oldham series, and a new Galliano feature.

For those of you off to the beaches of the northern hemisphere, there's the The Swimwear Page. This is a quick look at what's hot, other than the the sun at the beach this summer. More summer articles can be found in Summer '95, and Some Summer Tips. If you want to check out the latest in Lycra, read Lycra Take Two. The Scene on The Streets of England has the kids wearing their shirttails out - intentionally. The look consists of a crisp white shirt, tails out front and back, worn under a crop top. It's hard to predict if the look will catch on outside of England, but keep an eye on the biggest cities first. And slit mini skirts in satin are being worn everywhere by a slightly older crowd. The slits are revealing enough to warrant careful choice of underwear. We all should've listened to Karl Lagerfeld when he said last fall that it's OK to show some underwear.

Back in February, The Fashion Page attended The Premier Collections Exhibition of autumn/winter fashions in Birmingham, England. There's material here of interest to both men and women.

It seems people never tire of reading the corsets article. So here's some more. Everything you ever wanted to know about what you'd probably prefer to have covered up. Underwear right up to the... er... er... nineties are covered in Underwear Through the Ages part 1 and part 2.

There's a lot of material and many small pictures in the Fashion TV review section.

Read the review of the movie Pr�t � Porter. (If you want more, there's also some coverage in the January 7th FTV Review.) And being launched after the Cannes Film Festival is a Me Too fashion movie called "Unzipped". This movie along with new books from photographer Ellen von Unwerth, and makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin are reviewed in the December 31 FTV Review. While we're on the subject of movies, we hear from England that British designers - influenced by the release of "Little Women" - are making additions to their Autumn/Winter 1995 collections. Expect to see calico nightwear influenced by the period. These designs feature long sleeves, frilly buttoned necklines, and of course are floor length.

Fellas stuck for ideas should check the Mix N Match article. There are some glamorous pictures in the December 17 FTV Review, but we still have some favourites in the December 10 FTV Review. Yes, we have movies! See our Movie Page for details.

Christmas has long gone. Everybody should stop reading this article but it refuses to die as everybody keeps on reading it! The men can check what they should've bought their loved ones by looking at the Christmas Shopping Tips for Men. (Ladies are encouraged to view this page to see how well the men did.) For the chaps who regularly wear a tie, try out The Pratt Knot and impress everybody. And are you going to read those Care Labels properly? If not, your chances of a manufacturer refund are not good. Sue Stansby looks at how manufacturers can tell you did bad things.

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