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Who comes to a Festival?
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What is the Festival?

Communion * Circle Dancing * Radically Inclusive
Celebration of Life * Soulful * Body Language

The Festival of the Holy Names is a project by a community of people who find meaning in the Christian mythos, and treasure the ritual tradition of Christian liturgy. Our services attempt to celebrate the ancient rites of our tradition in a way that embraces life, involves our bodies, and feeds our souls.

Each Festival is a Christian Eucharist (or Mass or Lord's Supper) that combines gender-inclusive language, circle dancing, singing and ritual, led by laypersons on a rotating basis, and ends with a light pot-luck. We are a congregational community, making decisions by consensus and celebrating the royal priesthood of all peoples.

Who comes to a Festival?

So far, our visitors and members have included...

Women * Episcopagans * children * dogs * Lutherans * Lesbians * Seminarians * an American Baptist Music Minister * Men * Feminists * liturgical dancers * High School and college students * artists * Celts * a South African political activist & liberation theologian * independent Catholic clergy * Crones and Mentors * a Filipina WWII survivor * singles * couples * Recovering Fundamentalists * Armenians * 12-Steppers * poets * songwriters * Bisexuals * Atheists * Gays * Catholic nuns * a German Theological student * the physically handicapped * Agnostics * Recovering Catholics * Christians * Musicians * Hindus * New Age seekers * writers * Episcopal clergy * Pagans * Jews *

Where is it and when?

Festivals are held every Sunday at 6 pm at

Grace North Church
2138 Cedar Street (at Walnut)
Berkeley, CA

What to Bring to a Festival

The most important thing, of course, is yourself! However, you may also want to bring along:

Festival-Related Websites

Online Celebration Circle
Julian Ink
Dame Julian's Abbey
Fact sheet on feminine images of God
Anglicans Online!
St. Gregory Nyssen Episcopal Church
Liturgical Music Website
Radical Catholics

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For more information, write
The Festival of the Holy Names
PO Box 8749, Emeryville, CA 94662.

Phone anytime: 510-261-2706
or e-mail [email protected]

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