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Welcome to the Green Squadron homepage. Green Squadron is a Star Wars fan group based on the LucasArts X-Wing Combat Simulator Game. Within these pages is information related to our squadron, it's organization, requirements and current membership. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Green Squadron's illustrious history began as the as the Alliance's test pilot squadron. During the early days of the Rebellion, Green Squadron was responsible for testing the X-Wing and A-Wing starfighters, before they went into active service. Green Squadron pilots were responsible for testing many of the Y-Wing variants that the Rebellion used prior to the acquisition of the A-Wing and B-Wing starfighters.

After the creation/activation of the Shantipole Project, Green Squadron was brought to active combat duty and given the mission profile of deep strike and heavy assault. Since then, Green Squadron has successfully completed many operations against the Empire, by using superior tactics, exceptional dogfighting and the deadly combination of the B-Wing and X-Wing.

Our pages have recently moved form the Compuserve server because of their deletion of our site, due to concern over alleged copyright infringements. As a result of this forced relocation, we'll be completely redesigning and upgrading all material, adding new links, resources and graphics. Please visit often to check out what's new!

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