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Too Much Coffee Man

A dizzying Foray Into The Never -so- Placid World Of Substance Abuse for the Common Man. A dialectical Masterwork. Masterfully executed by one of our generation's most potent, avante garde artistic talents. Moving and poignant, a statement in black and white! Not to be missed! Sell your kids, if you have to, to procure a copy of this "final word" in print. You need never pick up another book again. By the master of caffeine withdrawal, Shannon Wheeler.

The Eden Matrix

Pulse-pounding action, a mind-warping cyberpunk storyline, dynamic artwork and astounding computer digital imaging effects combine to make The Eden Matrix one of the most innovative new comic books to appear this year. It's the first comic ever to exist in both print and online form, giving fans access to additional story material, artwork, and audio enhancements that would not be possible in a traditional comic book. Ashley Underwood delivers mind-bending artwork and full-color digital imaging effects for the story written by Aubrey McAuley.

Eyebeam -- The Trilogy

Now into its second decade, Eyebeam's resonances in pop culture include a foundation of longtime admirers that include writers and producers of such ground-breakers as Seinfeld, Letterman, The Larry Sanders Show, and the Simpsons. Eyebeam is back in the new series along with Ratliff, Hank the Hallucination, and the others. Joining them in this latest incarnation is the League of Slime. This quirky, slapsatirical bunch from the nationally syndicated Peaches, Queen of the Universe, add a dark counterpoint to the happy-go-lucky world of Eyebeam, Sally, and Ratliff. Buy 'em up quick!


Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, JAB is the critically acclaimed alternative humor anthology where hits like Too Much Coffee Man and The Eden Matrix got their start. It features the best and brightest talent of the Austin and national cartooning scene. But don't take our word for it. Read JAB, then poke yourself in the eye with a sharp stick. We're confident you'll prefer JAB every time.

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