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Hadrians BathThe Hadrianic Baths at Leptis Magna

A reconstruction of this North African bath complex, built by Hadrian and opened ca 127AD. This computer reconstruction and report was produced by Bill Rattenbury.

Rossi's Art Gallery, Fukuoka (Japan)

A reconstruction of Rossi's Art Gallery by Tania Wong. The original building was constructed in 1989, and given its three year intended life, it should now be history.

The Barcelona PavilionThe Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe

A reconstruction of this most famous piece of modern architecture, built as the German Pavillion at the 1929 World Exposition in Barcelona. Matiu Carr.

RamesesThe Palace of Rameses III
A model of the Palace of Rameses III investigating the use of ritual and symbolism, Mohammed Motlib and Matiu Carr.


IMAGEThe American Bar by Adolf Loos

A model of the existing bar on the Karntner Durchgang in Vienna, subjected to a hypothetical renovation of the basement area, Matiu Carr.

CampusThe University of Auckland

A model of the city campus of the University of Auckland, built by Matiu Carr.



A studio project by Judy Cockeram.

IMAGEPainted Paradigms

Discussion, discourse and experiments, Lauretta Vinciarelli's Water Enclosures, Robin Benson.

DioDiocesan School for Girls

A projected extension to the School by Bill Rattenbury, for Adams Langley Architects.


The factory, by Matiu Carr.


The flowering of the garden city, Matiu Carr. An Urban Research centre.

A large collection of architectural explorations by Matiu Carr.

Student Gallery
Another collection of architectural explorations by a variety of authors. This collection indexes the images according to the package(s) used to produce the images, the authors name, and by content.

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