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These are the things the media, the power elite, and the establishment have judged as inappropriate -- but when they appear side by side in TROMA films, they become something magic. Troma films such as THE TOXIC AVENGER, CLASS OF NUKE 'EM HIGH, and SGT. KABUKIMAN N.Y.P.D. are attacked as socially irredeemable. But millions of us all over the world hold these edges of culture dear to our hearts. We love the kind of excitement and raw human emotions a TROMA film can unearth.

TROMA is the brand name for movie theater adventure of a caliber Hollywood can't match. It is the brand name for films that have gestated at the bottom of the toxic swamp, then bubbled up to improve our imperfect world. You may love them or you may hate them, but you'll never forget a movie hatched at TROMA STUDIOS.

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Troma Site Directory:Mayor Kaufman's Mansion
The door's unlocked. Let yourself in, but be careful not to trip on all that junk. Hear about the Tromatic experiences of the President of Troma Studios and the creator of the Toxic Avenger, Mayor Lloyd Kaufman.
Toxie's Movie Theater
Sneak in the back door of the cinema and see clips from Troma movies. Find out information about Troma's newest film, SGT. KABUKIMAN, NYPD, as well as Troma's upcoming thrill-a-minute, body-piercing, computer sex, sapphic, car crashing extravaganza, TROMEO & JULIET.
The Toxic Art Museum
Kandinsky's a bore. Picasso's passe. Koons is nowhere, man. For truly uplifting portrayals of the human spirit, check out these toxeriffic Troma movie posters.
Troma Script Writing Contest
Write the Next Two Pages to CLASS OF NUKE 'EM HIGH PART IV and Win Big!
The Troma Times
Get the lowdown on what the lowlifes are doing in Tromaville! Info about new Troma movies and events.
Tromie's Funhouse
It's been said that Troma reflects the world in a distorted funhouse mirror: Come to Troma's fun parlor and see pictures of brilliant Tromettes and Tromen in small clothing who are definitely in the correct shape. OR: get sex advice from the nut-obsessed Tromie the Nuclear Rodent himself.
Tromeo and Juliet Juke Box
Wow man, cool sound clips and pictures from Troma's upcoming smash TROMEO AND JULIET.
New Filmmaker Spotlight on Shockumentary
Check out the latest in Tromatic filmmaking efforts.
Tromaville Library
Get information here on every one of the fine films made and distributed here in Tromaville. Also find Links to other great cities on the Web.
Town Hall
Sign up here to become a citizen of Tromaville! Lots of benefits (we can't think of them right now, but they're there).
Tromaville Mall
Here, in between Spencer's Gifts and the Merry-Go-Round, get your Tromabilia--Troma Collectibles. Find out how to get Troma Videos, T-Shirts, Posters, and other products produced here by the citizens of Tromaville.

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