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Will the Net Stay Free? Our government may inadvertantly "shut down the net". Find the links, read the letter entitled Santa and the Senate, help to prepare for the impending legal battle. You have the choice to assert your presence in the capitol, please do all that you feel comfortable with to keep the net free.

[Poop]The Straight Poop Poops are ruminations and musings. I really wanted to put a picture of a poop on the button but figured that Surfwatch would spam me. The topic this week is Why Sleep Deprivation is Better than Drugs. And, of course, Past Poops are accessible through this page. Also, don't miss the Quickie Quotes.
Warning: Some adult language content

[Clements Inn]The Clements Inn is a bed and breakfast owned by my brother Brian and his wife Karen. There is currently all the basics including rooms descriptions, location of the Inn, pictures, and things to do in Bay City, Michigan. To be added elements include a chronicle of the rehab effort that Brian and Karen undertook in order to restore the Inn to its Victorian-style beauty.

[Theater]Theater Same gig as the title. The Agent Crap... is a theatrical poop (or in Java terminology: pooplet) for your perusal as well as Eury's Play Analysis Toolbox. You can also check out some of the the sights associated with shows that I'm working on. Please note that this page is not an attempted rival of Theater Central, the supreme theater jump station.

[Greek]All Things Greek! Exactly what it says, don't snore though. (Certain WebMasters are really sensitive about the dry and boring nature of all things ancient...) Are you a director looking to do a classic play? Be sure to stop by the Ancient Greek Music page, there are good clues to plot construction in the music of the Ancients. Interested in the real Euripides? This is the button to press! Archeology buffs: don't miss the What's That Picture page.

[Biographical]Biographical For those that are a bit slow right now, that's stuff 'bout me. Yeah, yeah, yeah.... everybody has one of these and nobody ever reads 'em and blah blah blah. No, Nirvana won't be found at the end of the link but maybe a few odds and ends.... Right now, the page is a bit graphic intensive, all the necessary tags have been included which should allow you to browse through the section without having to wait for the pics to load first.

[Jump Station]Eury's Jump Station The good news is that the Jump Station is up and running on wobly legs. The bad news is that it is currently only available for those running Netscape 2.0. Be assured that this will be remedied as soon as possible but until then, c'est la vie!

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