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Welcome to the Treasure Hunter's Paradise! This site grew out of a hobby interest of mine--treasure hunting lore. For some reason, I can't resist a good story about a sunken treasure galleon laden with gold and riches, or a tale of a man who buried millions in gold only to die and take the secret location of the hoard to his grave. Over the last five or six years, my hobby has grown into a rather large obsession--I have collected information on over ten thousand treasure sites (sunken ships, buried gold and silver, lost mines, etc.).

Although I know that perhaps 90% of what I hear is untrue, then I will figure that there are only several billion dollars worth of undiscovered treasure waiting for me to get my greedy little hands on it. And there's plenty for you, too. What's your pleasure? Gold, silver, jewels? Sunken ships, buried caches, lost gold and silver mines?

If you don't see some information on the treasure you're researching, please send e-mail and I'll see what I can get for you. I'm hoping to put some bulletin board areas up to ease this workload, and may even work on a real-time chat area for us treasure hunting enthusiasts to get together in.

Good luck, and happy hunting! And don't forget to bookmark this page. Check back frequently, as I'll be updating every two or three days to keep things current, although I admit to slacking off a bit in this department lately, I promise to get back on schedule!

I am in the process and nearing completion on a complete on-line directory of the more famous treasure sites and pirates in the world. This will include complete biographical history on several pirates and privateers, information from several sources on famous treasure from around the world (including Oak Island, the Lost Dutchman's Mine, the Beale treasure, and several others). These will be included due to requests from several visitors to the site. I promise to have them finished and on-line by the end of August, so check in and tell me what you think! Thanks for visiting, and for making the Treasure Hunter's Paradise one of the most popular treasure-related sites on the net.

Are you interested in joining a mailing list with almost 100 other treasure hunting enthusiasts? This includes divers, detectorists, hunters, researchers, and anyone else involved in treasure hunting or having an interest in it. If you are, then send e-mail to [email protected], with the words subscribe treasure in the body of the message (you don't need a subject, and make sure this is the only thing in the message). Don't send this message to [email protected], as the process is automated. If you do it right, you'll get an e-mail message in about 30 seconds which will introduce you to the list. Feel free to participate--tell your stories, ask some questions!

NEW!Thanks to Jeff Smith and Max Freeze, you can now read exclusive articles on treasure hunting at Treasure Hunter's Paradise! You can't find articles like this anywhere else on the Web (or in print), so check them out.

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Thank you for making Treasure Hunter's Paradise one of the hottest treasure hunting sites on the Internet! The site is growing at a phenomenal pace, so look for new features and additions almost every day. My thanks to the Internet Link Exchange for providing free links to my site, in exchange for a free link to another site from here. All in all, I'd say it's not a bad deal.

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