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This Site, established in May 1995, is brought to you courtesy of Genealogists Greg Gressa & Megan Smolenyak We will be providing information pertaining to Carpatho-Rusyn Culture, History, Genealogy, etc., as well as links to other web sites of interest. Our long term goal is to develop this site into an electronic knowledge base for the benefit of Carpatho-Rusyns world wide as well as persons wishing to learn more about our culture. This site will be what you make it - feel free to submit articles and other information for consideration.

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The Carpatho-Rusyn Society

New Meeting and Activities info
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C-RS Genealogy Committee Home Page
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The Carpatho-Rusyn
Research Center
List of Publications added Feb 9, 1996

Your Source for books, maps and other material
- dealing with Carpatho-Rusyns -

Box 131B....Orwell, VT 05760

Rusyn Cultural and Scholarly
in the USA & Europe
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Greek Catholic Union Magazine
Check Often For New Articles
About Carpatho-Rusyn Heritage
New Article Added May 17th
info for this great resource submitted by
Tom Burcak & Rich Custer

Carpatho-Rusyn American
A Forum on Carpatho-Rusyn
Ethnic Heritage

"Smolenak Family Newsletter
for Osturna Descendants

by Megan Smolenyak


The Rusin Association

Application & Newsletter Archives

View Our Collection of Rusyn Photos & Art
"Galeria Nikifora"
at Poland's State Ethnographical Museum
a famous Lemko artist

Other Sites of interest via
the World Wide Web

Meetings and Other Happenings:

  • Christmas Greetings From the Carpatho-Rusyn Society
  • Help save historical villages in the homeland

  • We Have Gone International
    News and Information From Our Correspondent in Wroclaw

    Reference Areas:


  • Ruthenian (Rusyn) & Ukrainian Settlements in Slovakia
    GIS info based on 1991 Slovakian Census (link)

  • Map of Galicia (1906-1914)
    Locate The District you Seek

  • Map of Pre World War I Settlement
    With old county names

  • The Carpatho-Rusyn Map Server

  • Images compliments of Mark Mihalasky

  • Present Day Carpatho-Rusyn Homeland

  • The Zakarpatska Oblast Map Server
  • maintained by A. Ukrainec

  • LINKS to map suppliers

    - Background
  • Short History of Austria-Hungary NEW

  • Historical Information

  • Where Did The Rusyns Come From?

  • What Does The Term
  • Recommended Reading



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    Greg Gressa


    List your surnames and villages FREE!

    C-RS Genealogy Committee Home Page
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    Researching The People From
    "No Man's Land"
    compliments of Tom Peters, CGRS

    Research In Slovakia
    compliments of John A. Hudick

    Using Social Security Application Info For Research
    by Megan Smolenyak

    Ukrainian Archive Info

    The National Archives WWW Server
    Looking for your village?
    Try Here.

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Completed through letter "K"

    C-RKB Lemko Info Page

    Take a Virtual Tour of the Skansen in Zyndranova

    Special Contributions

    Fifth Anniversary of the Lemko Association
    compliments of Susyn Y. Mihalasky

    Our Collection of Carpathian Folklore
    via Elena Boudovskaya
    NEW Material Added

    A story about the tragedy in our
    village of Strubowiska
    From G. Warholic via the Net

    Carpatho-Ruthenica In The
    Slavic and Baltic Division of the
    New York Public Library
    by Bogdan Horbal -

    100 Years of Carpatho-Rusyn Americana
    by Bogdan Horbal -

    Language Books For Carpatho-Rusyns
    by Bogdan Horbal
    Wooden Churches of Transcarpathia
    by Oleh Iwanusiw -

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