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Masonry Construction Magazine

Aberdeen's Magazine of Masonry Construction covers ways of building with all types of masonry, including clay brick, concrete block, glass block, and natural stone. It provides practical how-to information on tools, materials, equipment, and building techniques used in both residential and commercial masonry construction. Architectural and structural design, maintenance, and repair are also covered. A monthly troubleshooting department solves common design and construction problems, and a books department reports on useful new publications. The annual Reference Guide Includes product, manufacturer, and association directories.

Masonry Construction is a valuable reference and information source for masons, masonry contractors, and general contractors engaged in masonry work, architects and engineers designing with masonry, and producers and distributors of masonry products.

Currently in the August issue:


Jobsite-added mortar admixtures: Specifying and using admixtures can make masonry construction easier and more efficient while increasing quality

Lime's role in mortar: Used for centuries as a mortar ingredient, lime increases water retention, bond strength, and flexibility

Dispensing preblended mortar into conventional mixers: Proprietary bulk mortar program uses a patented silo system

Mortar cement gains acceptance: ASTM C 1329 Standard Specification for Mortar Cement has been approved

Mortar mixer care and maintenance: Following a basic maintenance regimen is the surest way to extend mixer life

On the Cover:

Workable mortar is easy to fluff up with peaks like whipped cream, clings to vertical surfaces, and resists flow during the placement of masonry units. "From the Field" perspective on mortar workability begins on page 355. (Photo and commentary by Vito DeFlorio)

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