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Betrayal in Antara
Windows CD, $54.95
(available late January 1997)

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(available January 1997 for Windows 3.1 and Win95)

Welcome to the Antaran Empire. This Empire was forged generations ago by a king who covertly gathered mages to his side and used them to unite the provinces under his banner. Although created with benevolent intentions, over time the Imperial institutions have fallen prey to corruption and decay.

Today, a well-meaning Emperor is faced with a decadent and crumbling infrastructure where bribery, nepotism, intrigue, assassination, deceit and intrigue are rampant. Our story takes place against this backdrop. The player characters become embroiled in a devious plot of manipulation, political agendas, secret societies, racial hatred, magical discoveries, abduction, and assassination. Their involvement takes them across (and beneath) the Eastern realms of Antara. It is a journey with dramatic ramifications for each of them -- and for the Empire.


  • Build the skills and attributes of up to three characters at a time.
  • A massive game world provides the perfect backdrop for this sweeping epic RPG.
  • Antara's high-resolution SVGA graphics show off the hand-drawn maps and characters to their best effect, and the crisp rendered backgrounds give the game an unparalleled feeling of realism.
  • Professional voice actors bring the characters and NPC's to life.
  • The dynamic combat system combines strategic turn-based hex map combat with fully-animated enemies and a full range of sound effects.
  • An innovative new magic system enables your characters to learn from spells cast against them.
  • The powerful automap and the new "flashback" feature make mapping and record-keeping simple.

If you liked Betrayal At Krondor, you're going to love Antara!

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