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Welcome to The Nicole Kidman Internet Headquarters, your one stop source for Nicole Kidman on the internet. Whether you are in search of pictures, random facts, or a schedule of Nicole's TV appearances, you can find it all right here. The only thing I cannot help you with is an address for Nicole Kidman (e-mail or otherwise) or nude pictures; so please do not ask.

Free speech court decision
A decision is near in the fight to overturn the Communications Decency Act. Watch this image and follow the link for more information.
The Nicole Kidman Internet Headquarters is under construction and will replace The Nicole Kidman Page. Please be understanding during this transition and come back to visit again soon.

Biography and Filmography
Random facts about Nicole along with a list of films: past, and near future.
Fresh & Favorite Movies
Cool stuff about my favorite and Nicole's latest movies.
Photo Fever
If you are just looking for pictures, they are all right here.
Star Sightings
Check out these accounts of fans' sightings of Nicole.
Kidman on the Internet
Looking for more? Here is a comprehensive collections of internet links.

The "original" Nicole Kidman Page
While the Nicole Kidman Internet Headquarters is under construction, The Nicole Kidman Page will be available in its previous form.

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