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hosted by Marlo Marmalade and JJ Jamm

Make a personalized valentine in seconds!

Ready for some valentine fun?
Create a valentine with cartoon cat Marlo Marmalade, dog JJ Jamm or other fun cartoon characters!
Or create a more traditional valentine!
Best of all, this is a free service.

A valentine for yourself?

Display it on screen.

A valentine to a friend, love, secretary, colleague, boss, Mother, neighbor — or even your cat?

Print it out.

Add a little or add a lot!
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Make valentines as funny or outrageous as you want! No one sees them until you print them out. Have fun!

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  1. An Awfully Funny Valentine

    A playful verse featuring Katt and Wise Guy, a cartoon cat and owl! Katt and Wise Guy play off an old rhyme about an owl and a cat that went to sea, giving the valentine a modern spin with an upbeat blend of nostalgia and humor.
    Which would you like to try first?
    This valentine greeting from us to you?
    Or make a valenitne from you to someone special?

  2. What's-the-Hurray Valentine!

    Ready for a fast start?
    Cartoon dog JJ Jamm is running double time in this humous valentine.
    Give it a try!

  3. From the Heart!

    This valentine comes straight from the heart!

  4. Ah Friendly Valentine

    Know someone who is incredible, fantastic, fabulous?
    Then this is the valentine for you!
    Cartoon cyber cat Marlo Marmalade and dog JJ Jamm
    appear in cartoon picture shown at the top of this page.

  5. Dog with Snarl Valentine!

    Have a dry sense of humor?
    This may be just the valentine for you.
    What is cartoon dog JJ Jamm doing with a snarl on his face?
    What kind display is that for Valentine's Day?
    See for yourself what JJ has to say.

  6. Hot Lips Valentine!

    Love and kisses go together, right?
    This valentine smacks of romance!

  7. Mighty Strange Valentine!

    Do you have someone you would never want to be without, someone close?
    And are you ready for something a bit unusual?
    Then this valentine's for you!

  8. Chocolate, Ah Chocalate Valentine!

    For chocolate lovers only!
    This is your valentine if you are a chocolate lover
    or if you want to send a valentine to someone who is!
    This valentine was created for the International Chocolate-Is-My-Passion Conference to be held simultaneously in 35 countries at the turn of the century.

    If you like chocolate, you owe it to yourself to see JJ Jamm's AWESOME, easy-to-make, low-cal, low-fat CHOCOLATE MOUSSE RECIPE!

JJ Jamm's DropBox™ Valentines!

Experience for yourself JJ Jamm's innovative DropBox™ humor, for the first time in valentine form. This is pure Web entertainment. Let JJ send you a personal valentine. Just type in your first name and see what JJ has to say! Enjoy!


Tell us what you like and what you don't.

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