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Cyber-Romance 101

An Introduction to relationships forged on the Internet

The scenario: You have suddenly found yourself attracted to someone you've corresponded with on the Internet. This attraction soon develops into something more....
The question: So what is going on? Is it love? Passion? Good communication? Soul mate phenomenon?
The answer: There's no one answer, but if you need a reality check, the following articles, essays, and advice columns may provide valuable viewpoints.

Are you ready for Virtual Love? A psychiatrist speaks out on this subject.
Married, but troubled about that "special someone" on-line? Then you definitely need to read about The One Affair that can be Good For You. Or read about it here.
Virtual Immorality.So, is it cheating or isn't it?
Cathy comic strip, Ann Landers' advice: Chat Romance in the News.
"Rebirth." Bearing the fruits of cyber love. A beautiful short story.

Net Worth. MIT's Sherry Turkle says the virtual world can improve real life.
An excellent link on sexuality. Reclaiming the Erotic.
The Scarlet Netter. Join with others who are having a love affair over the computer: newsletter and other goodies!
Helpful tips on managing your cyber-love life. Lust in Space.
Love Online, when you need advice about your on-line relationships, Phyllis can help!
Romance and the Internet. Various tried and true essays.
GNN Web Review: Love.Net
The University of Tennessee Daily Beacon. Cyberspace provides only virtual romance.
Rush Limbaugh did it!
A tale of finding love and Marriage! on the Internet. Cyber Love.
Love Relationships Through Computer-Mediated Communications. Heady name but a fun essay.
A marriage made in Cyberspace, via FutureNet
Blink magazine Feature, Digital Love.
The Dark Side of Cyber Romance from Cyber Culture Magazine.
Do you want to share your experiences and become part of a new non-fiction book by Melanie Tierney? Then fill out The Internet Relationships Survey.

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