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The Ultimate Water Gun Page

"It is not easy, using mere words, to describe the feeling of power you get when, merely by squeezing your hand, you send a powerful jet of water whooshing from the top of your head, shooting 75 feet or more in whatever direction you look, but I will try: It is cool."
--Dave Barry

(picture of the gun)

These pages are all about the Ultimate Water Gun -- the water weapon of the millenium. It consists of a fire extinguisher that discharges its contents under high pressure through a spray nozzle mounted on a motorcycle helmet. Using a hand-held cable release and wearing the tank on your back, it is possible to feel a rush of power unparalleled in history since the mighty dinosaurs roamed the earth.

In this page, you can find
*The history and accomplishments of the Ultimate Water Gun,
*Instructions on how to build your own Ultimate Water Gun, and
*Information on how persons whose cause is worthy can borrow the Ultimate Water Gun.

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