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Jammin' Johns:

Guitar/Piano Body Toilet Seats Series

The Best Thing to Come in a Lid since the 60's!

2920 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206
To order: call 1 (800) 56-Johns
or email:

Jammin' Johns

Major Credit Cards.


Encore. Encore.
Grand Piano Lid.


New from Jammin' Johns.

  • Hand-rubbed Appalachian Oak
  • Solid Brass Hinges
  • Standard or Oval Seat Designs
  • Beautifully Detailed Keyboard

Jazz up your bathroom with a classic. The Piano Lid.
It's simply grand.
Call 800-56-JOHNS for more info.

Our Complete Line of Bathroom Accessories:

  • Giant Drumstick-handled Plunger
  • Toilet Paper Holder
  • Bath Towel Holder
  • Hand Towel Holder
  • Guitar Mirror
  • Microphone Showerhead

Ask us for details.

Jammin' Johns: Toilet Seats Series

Patent Pending

It's More Than Just Bathroom Humor.
It's Music to Your Rear!

    What's So Great about Jammin' Johns?!


    Regular Price: $149/each;

    • To order now: call 1 (800) 56-Johns.
    • Major Credit Cards.
    • We Ship Overseas!

    Now Supporting On-Line Purchases!

    Real-Time Secure
    Credit Card Processing!

    via the TCI Buyers Club.


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    "Jammin' Johns: Guitar and Piano Toilet Seats"
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