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Disaster Area!

Disaster Area!
Logo! Shag and Scoob!

Retro back to a time of ascots and bell bottoms... where dogs can talk and "Jinkies!" makes sense.

Watch as the gang
somehow always manages
to stumble across (and solve)
a new mystery.

NO, it's not the X-files, but a 'far out' cartoon about a group of kids, traveling in a Mystery Van, who like to chase (and run from) various ghosts and monsters while jamming to groovy 70s music.

Disaster Area!

The Gang!

Check out our brand new bios of those pesky kids: Daphne, Fred, Scooby Doo, Shaggy and Velma.

Zoinks! I didn't know that!



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"Scooby Doo" can be seen Monday- Friday on TBS at 6:35 AM and 4:05 PM (E). On the Weekends, check "Scooby Doo" out at 8:35AM on Saturday and at 8:05AM and 5:05PM on Sunday.

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