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AFIT C³EM Research Team

The Command, Control, Communications, and Electromagnetics Experts

Formed in January 1996, the AFIT C ³EM Research Team is the institute's premiere research group dedicated to the study of Command, Control, Communications, and ElectroMagnetics and their applications to solving problems on the modern battlefield. The current team is co-chaired by Maj Gerald Gerace (Ph.D) and Dr.Andrew Terzuoli from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. At present, nineteen masters candidates are working toward completing the requirements for graduation in a variety of subjects under the C ³EMRT umbrella.

Current Research Areas

Computational Electromagnetics
Low Observables (Stealth)

Our People

Current Students
Current Faculty

Online Resources

Software Archive

Seminar Time and Location

Each week, the members of the C ³EMRT meet to discuss progresson thesis research, hear briefings about research-related topics,and brainstorm to help overcome problems as they arise. For Summer Quarter 1996, the seminar is held on Thursdays at 1200 in Bldg 640, Room 265.

Information on Sponsorship

If your organization would like to sponsor thesis or dissertation work in the above areas, please e-mail the point of contact at the address on the bottom of the page. We can get you the answers you need to begin sponsorship of AFIT students.


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