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My name is BesLethargic and I am an alien. I have been forced to make a home of this U.S. Military installation vault after my rather embarrassing capture in 1977 - but that's another story. Please, pull up a crate, sit down, and make yourself at home. Feel free to browse my selection of alien goodies, and don't forget to sign my guestbook before you leave, giving me some suggestions for this site. Click on an icon below, or scroll down the page for site news and real-time chat. ( Last Updated - 7th February 1997 )

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You are Earthling number 9,999 to visit this vault

As promised, the Pictures Section has been updated with loads more new UFO photographs. (All stored on borrowed server space!)
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The Mojave Files are still here thanks to the secret use of other people's server space, but they'll be removed as soon as I get caught!

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