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Apple Customer Support and Information

Apple Customer Support and Information

Apple and the Internet

Apple and the Internet

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Cyberdog 1.1 Beta Release
It's been weeks since Cyberdog 1.0 and our engineers have been hard at work. Check out Cyberdog 1.1 beta featuring: 68K Mac support, AppleTalk browsing and URLs, Netscape plug-in support, Japanese character support (Kanji capability), and an improved mail interface.

Macworld Expo/Boston (August 7-10, 1996)
With live audio and video feeds, roving reporters, action cameras and great technology, Apple Computer's Macworld/Boston webcast gives users a glimpse at Macworld from their own desktops.

Experience Atlanta during the Olympics
Apple will broadcast live from Atlanta during the Olympics. The webcast will focus on the people, places and culture of Atlanta during this international event.

Apple Customer Support and Information
The Apple Support and Information web offers support resources to help you get answers to technical questions, find the software you need, and get the information you need on our products.

Apple Announces Third Quarter Results
Apple Computer, Inc. today announced financial results for the quarter ending June 28, 1996. Apple has also released Five Key Points regarding the financial results.

Apple Solution Professionals Network
ASPN can help you to analyze, develop, implement or maintain effective solutions that include Apple products. The ASPN Directory of Consultants will help you locate a professional who can assist you.

Apple Computer WWW Site Survey
Notice our new look? Your feedback on our site is important to us. Please fill out the Apple Computer WWW Site Survey and let us know what you think.

Repair Extension Program
Apple has rolled out Repair Extension Programs for certain models in the Power Macintosh/Performa 5xxx & 6xxx series and in the PowerBook 5300 and 190 series to address certain quality issues. For complete details, please see the Repair Extension Program Summary.

Many of Apple's network services including our primary web servers were turned off briefly during routine maintenance Sunday morning. All services should be re-established at this time. Please continue to report service outages to [email protected].

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