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For adults and children ages 10 and up
Estimated Retail price: $49.95
System Requirements:
  • IBM® and compatibles: 486DX/33 MHz or better; hard disk; double-speed CD-ROM drive; 256-color SVGA
  • DOS 5.0 or higher; Windows 3.1 or higher (including Windows 95)
  • 8 MB RAM
  • Windows-compatible sound card
  • Mouse; printer (optional); modem (optional; required for online features only)


[Compton's Visit every country in the world -- instantly and easily -- with Compton's Interactive World Atlas! Whether you are writing a report, planning travel, or exploring the world, it will provide you with all the information you need. On your journey, you will find more than 600 detailed maps, thousands of statistics, in-depth articles -- even access to related Web sites. Immerse yourself in the local culture with a wealth of captivating photos, full-motion videos, and brilliant sound. Even soar above the earth in 3D flight. No other interactive atlas gives you so much information and so many ways to explore every country.

Features & Benefits:
  • Over 600 detailed maps, including city maps, provide a choice of satellite, political and elevation displays.
  • In-depth profiles cover each country's history, government, culture, economy, and more.
  • Engaging multimedia include brilliant photographs, cultural videos, native music clips, and common foreign phrases.
  • Thousands of statistics can be compared across countries.
  • Direct link to Compton's NewMedia Forum provides access to interesting Web sites about countries, as well as active bulletin boards for sharing experiences with other travelers.
  • 3D flight with cockpit controls allows you to fly anywhere in the world while viewing the satellite images of the terrain and oceans below.
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