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The RIP Track

RIP: Repair, Inspect, and Paint

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Railroad Stuff

Darryl Van Nort
Left: Fireman of J. Neils #5, a 70-ton, Class-C Shay
at the Illinois Railway Museum, Union, Illinois
Right: Lubricating SLSF #1630

The Roundhouse

The Robert Schenzinger Steam Locomotive Photographs
(Updated 11/26/95)
Now available: A cross reference of this collection by road name!

The Illinois Railway Museum Front Gate

CB&Q E5 #9911A at the Illinois Railway Museum
(Updated 4/7/96)

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You can't have a railroad without track! See some recent track work at the IRM.

A new section The Dome Car contains views from along America's rights-of-way.
(Updated 12/16/95)

The Interlocking

Links to Other Important RR Web Pages
(Updated 3/3/96)

Check out The Ready Track, a railroad photo selected from my collections. This image will change periodically.
(Updated 12/9/95)

The Extra Board contains some of my rail-related experiences and photos. This issue: The California Zephyr in Midwest Storms, January, 1996
(Updated 2/7/96)

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