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If you get a chance to see Maiden in concert, GO! They were fantastic. Don't expect a huge light show or a giant Eddie on stage if they are playing in a small arena or club though. I saw them in a bar, and there wasn't much of a stage show, but they performed very well. Blaze did an awesome job, even on some of the old songs. Unfortunately they had "Fear Factory" open for them, I thought they really sucked, but then again I don't really go for the thrash metal scene.


I have been a Maiden fan since early '82 when I heard the song Run To The Hills from The Number Of The Beast album. I was hooked, I have collected as many Maiden albums as I could, and that my paycheck would allow, and believe me there are a lot.


The following are some of my maiden pages. The pages marked as "image intensive" may take a minute or so to load, so please be patient (it's worth the wait). If there is anything else you would like to see, please let me know and I will try to add it.


I created this theme myself and may eventually make some additions to it. The latest version is 1.1. So go get my Iron Maiden Theme, and make sure you read the README file for installation instructions.



If you would like to know more about Iron Maiden, you can check out the IRON MAIDEN FAQ which contains more information about Maiden than you will ever want to know. If that's not enough, you can listen in on the news group alt.rock-n-roll.metal.ironmaiden.

There are also some ftp sites with Maiden related stuff.

Andrew Kenter (Blade), a very cool friend of mine from down under, and another huge Maiden fan.
The Official IRON MAIDEN Page Well it's the official page but I can't really recommend it. It is slow, image intensive, and very has very poor html code.
Allan Stratton Has a really good Maiden page you may want to examine.
Örjan Friberg Has some great Iron Maiden images you will definately want to check out.
Cris Simmons Has another great Maiden page.
Toka's Corner Has a nice collection of images from various web pages, including several from mine :).

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