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Introduction to the NCMA

The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA), established in 1918, is the national trade association representing the concrete masonry industry. The Association is involved in a broad range of technical, research, marketing, government relations and communications activities. NCMA is an association of producers of concrete masonry products, and suppliers of products and services related to the industry. NCMA offers a variety of technical services and design aids through publications, computer programs, slide presentations and technical training. Check out what we have to offer through our additional doorways!

NCMA Mission

The mission of the National Concrete Masonry Association is to advance, support and serve the common interests of its members as well as to enhance their position as industry leaders and innovators through the manufacturing, marketing and application of concrete masonry and related products and systems that are affordable, technically sound, and environmentally safe, and to meet the future needs of the market.

NCMA Convention and Masonry Expo

MASONRY EXPO, held in conjunction with the NCMA Annual Convention, is the only exposition and conference for the masonry construction industry. It's the marketplace for the best equipment, technology and services. MASONRY EXPO draws over 225 exhibitors and 5,000 attendees, including engineers, mason contractors, masonry manufacturers, paver producers, architects and educators, anxious to learn more about the products and services available.

Also held in conjunction with MASONRY EXPO are the annual conventions of the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) and The Masonry Society (TMS). Each group conducts their own educational programs and business sessions. The eight sponsoring groups of MASONRY EXPO are: Brick Institute of America (BIA), Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate Institute (ESCSI), Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA), National Association of Brick Distributors (NABD), National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA), National Lime Association (NLA), Portland Cement Association (PCA), and The Masonry Society (TMS).

MASONRY EXPO serves as the industry's foremost classroom presenting state-of-the-art educational seminars on a wide range of topics. Future EXPO dates are January 25-27, 1997 in Phoenix, AZ; and February 21-23, 1998 in Charlotte, NC.

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Looking to the Future

We recognize the many advancements being made in the way that business in the 90's is being performed. Our presence on the World Wide Web is part of our efforts to stay abreast of new and innovative ways to communicate with our members and to receive communication from the construction industry as a whole. Much of our membership is actively involved in bettering their communications through the use of the Internet. We encourage those who have not taken advantage of this powerful tool to do so as soon as practical.

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NCMA - Information On-Line

    The NCMA - TEK Manual for Concrete Masonry Design and Construction
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    The NCMA Products and Publications List
    NCMA offers a variety of technical and design aids, through books, subscriptions, computer programs and slide presentations.

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Endorsement of InterPRO Resources, Inc.

NCMA has endorsed the efforts of InterPRO Resources, Inc. (see qualification) and the work they are doing to bring the Construction Industry onto the World Wide Web. Their efforts will ultimately bring about a revolution in the industry that will result in better communication with our membership, new and efficient ways to transfer information to members, specifiers, contractors, etc., and will widen our ability to sell masonry products around the world. We encourage our membership and anyone involved in the construction industry to contact InterPRO to learn of the simplicity of becoming part of the WWW.

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Qualification of Endorsement

NCMA endorses the system and efforts of InterPRO Resources, Inc., however, assumes no responsibility for the means, methods, or accuracy of the content found therein.

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