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The Working Arist

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December 16: In this issue, we focus on The Working Artist.

Read the stories of six working artists -- jewelry maker Myra Schwartz's courageous recovery through the arts, musician and teacher Simeon Pillich, classical musicians James Jelasic and Jon Lackey who have turned their love of good music into good business, sculptor Matt Ontiveros's use of new technology, pianist and bon vivant Carei Thomas's touching story. And National Book Award winner Andrea Barrett.

New research on the number of working artists and the difficulty in counting them. The Myth of the Starving Artist. Plus Jane Alexander's thoughts on the struggle of the working artist.

Looking for a job to sustain yourself while making your art? Check out this month's Art Links and a humorous chart of alternative career choices for artistic types.

Money for free public Internet access sites ($2,000-$4,000 awards) and community web mentoring programs (up to $35,000) is available for arts and culturally-oriented organizations through Open Studio: The Arts Online. New Application Deadline -- January 15, 1997.

Press release for new grants on Heritage & Preservation and Education & Access in Endowment News. New application guidelines for Grants to Organizations go online December 20.

Bookmark this page, visit once a week, and you won't miss an opportunity. Get a head start by reading the all NEW Guide -- A New Look.

NEW and FREE books (they make great holiday gifts) can be found in the Arts Bookstore. Including A Brief Chronology of Federal Involvement in the Arts -- a thumbnail history of the Arts Endowment.

Interested in a different kind of vacation this winter? How about Elko, Nevada the last week of January. There's more than you imagined in Focus on Community.

New in the Gallery -- painter Judy Chan. In Writer's Corner -- two poems by Joy Harjo. And don't miss A Short History of Regional Fellowships.

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