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Seen the new hoax photos floating around the 'Net?

hoax pic 1 (5 kb)hoax pic 4 (5 kb)

Before you ask - we did not have anything to do with creating them, and we don't know who did.

However, we did suggest right here in these very pages that anyone could buy one of those Steve Johnson "Roswell" aliens from The Sharper Image catalog and do their own autopsy hoax. Not that we think it was our suggestion that put the idea in somebody's head or anything...

Anyway, whoever did this has done a great job, and we'll be adding a more detailed commentary about the pictures as soon as we have the time.

And now, on with the show...

"Alien Autopsy" - Faked Or Fiction?

And just for the record, "How to Make an Alien" has been...

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