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25 megabytes of information on alchemy in all its facets.

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This site, dedicated to Alchemy in all its facets, has been set up by Adam McLean, who can be contacted

by E-mail to [email protected]
by letter to 15 Keir Street, Glasgow G41 2NP, U.K.
by telephone 0141 429 5614 (+44 141 429 5614 internationally)

This Alchemy Web site has over 22 megabytes of information organised into over 700 individual pages (with 12 megabyes of text), and 500 graphic images. It was first launched on 7th May 1995 and new pages are continually being added.
Should you wish to amend any of the information on this site, or if you would like to add some pages of information on alchemy, or help with research into alchemy, transcribing or translating texts please contact me by E-Mail.
An E-mail discussion group on alchemy, the Alchemy academic forum, has been running in parallel with the alchemy web for over a year. It currently has 330 subscribers. If you wish to subscribe to this see the pages for the alchemy academic forum.

The space on this server has been kindly donated by Dan Levy of