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Thanks for dropping in. We developed this site to share some of our stoke for the art and sport of surfing. Most of the sections will be UPdated on (at least) a weekly basis.

But since most of us would rather be in the water than behind a keyboard, archives of articles and photos will be established, and accessible from within the various sections.

This site is going to be in a continuous state of evolution. We would greatly appreciate any input concerning its scope or content.

Richard Schmidt


August 1996

  • the exit of the week for august 5th GOes pro, taking us to the association of SURFING professional's online depository
  • THAT SWELL which just rolled through the lane WAS a welcome guest - a friend and world class photographer vern fisher lends us a perspective on how gets out there. [our online photo gallery will be up by the second week in august - thank's for the killer photos, VERN]






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