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2002 World Cup in Korea

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Welcome to 2002 World Cup Korea home page. This World Wide Web service is the advertisement for the bidding efforts of Korea to host 2002 World Cup Finals.
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Decision of the FIFA Executive Committee in Zurich

The FIFA World Cup in the year 2002 will be held jointly in Korea and Japan. This was decided today, the 31th of May, by the FIFA Executive Committee at its meeting in Zurich. Introducing the item number 14 on the 30-point agenda, the FIFA President, Dr.Joao Havelange, said he had reflected on opinions proposing such a joint hosting of the world's largest single sports event. He said he had received a letter from the Japanese F.A. expressing willingness to consider co-hosting.

Media releases regarding on this decision;

An Invitation to the World

Why Korea?

The Bidding Document

Message from the President

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