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Quay Partners International offers a revolutionary new service: confidential, interactive job search and recruitment via the internet! We're not just a glorified classified section... our personalized JOB DIGGER search will identify new employment opportunities perfectly matched to your individual skills and career ambitions.

How does it work? You join Quay Partners and complete one of our easy-to-use JOB DIGGER online interviews. We match your profile against thousands of available jobs in our database. When we identify an position with which your profile matches, we send notification to your Quay Member Mailbox. That's all there is to it! If you're interested in the position, we'll put you in touch with the employer, but there is never any commitment to make a career move.

All correspondence is conducted through your private member mailbox, so you are assured of confidentiality. With Quay Partners, you can keep an eye on the job market without risk to your current position!



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