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I'm a huge collector of U2 material and I hope that I can get some reply on this page.
Here you can find some facts, material and some cool links to other U2 sites.
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Rebels against tradition.

a short introduction to the band.

young bono
young edge
Bono Vox
Function in group: Vocals, Guitar.
Real name: Paul Hewson
Born: 10th of May 1960 in Dublin/Ireland
The Edge
Function in group: Guitar, piano, vocals.
Real name: Dave Evans
Born: 8th of August 1961 in East London/England
young Adam
young larry
Adam Clayton
Function in group: Bass.
Real name: Adam Clayton
Born: 13th of March 1960 in Oxfordshire/England
Larry Mullen Jr.
Function in group: Drums.
Real name: Lawrence Mullen
Born: 31st of October 1961 in Dublin/Ireland

On The Way Up....

The image of U2 as the band that defined the course of
rock'n'roll in the Eighties belies their humble
beginnings in post-punk Dublin

Their phenomenal rise to fame has been driven by a
rare sense of purpose whilst remaining honest to
themselves, yet achieving massive success.

Few bands have had the same impact or possess
the same emotional energy as U2. When they
perform, they do it from the heart.
They mean it!

The following pages are a biography tracing U2's
meteoric rise from playing rock'n'roll on the Dublin
club and pub circuit to becoming one of the most
spectacular rocks bands the world has ever seen as
highlighted by the ZOO TV extravaganza
Burning Desire

Chapter 1 - The Early Days..

1976 The Hype - 1980 Boy

Chapter 2 - The Way Up..

1980 The Ritz - 1983 Red Rocks

Chapter 3 - The Arrival..

1983 Under A Blood Red Sky - 1986 Conspiracy Of Hope Tour

Chapter 4 - The Biggest Band In The World..

1987 Joshua Tree - 1988 Rattle and Hum

Chapter 5 - The New Dream..

1991 Achtung Baby - Zoo TV

Chapter 6 - Taking over the world..

1993 Zooropa - The end of ZOO TV

Chapter 7 - Always forever now!

1995 Hold me.. - ..... NOW

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