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LOVESONGS is © Copyright 1995/1996 by Michael Buenaventura [email protected]

Lovesongs is © copyright by Michael Buenaventura, the lyrics inclosed in lovesongs have their own copyrights and belong to
the respective artist and/or publisher. Copyright law states archives are authorized to reproduce work for private study or research.

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I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have given me encouragement,
complements, sent postcards and given me awards since the page started. The page has evolved
and matured thanks to your support. Below is a brief sample of just some of
the acknowledgements this page has received.

Yahoo! Searcher
Yahoo!'s Society_and_Culture/Relationships/Romance page from 8th of Febuary, 1996

Thank you for making those songs available.. My Girlfriend loves them..
I have to say that this page is very rare.. Thanks again...
(Jordan Momani, [email protected])

I just discovered your URL and am very happy that there are
people out there that take the time to give such a wonderful service
to the entire internet world.
(Jacob Ippen, [email protected])

Yahoo! Searcher
Yahoo!'s Entertainment/Music/Lyrics page from the 8th of Febuary, 1996

Your webpage is truly a "one-stop-shop" for lovesongs. I really
appreciate your effort. Keep it up and all the best.
(Ravi-Kumar Vemuri, [email protected])

I love this!  What a great addition to the Internet!  I will check this
everytime I get on the Net!
(Russ LaBounty, [email protected])

Cool Site of the Day
Cool Site Of the Day's Categorically Cool on the 12th Feburary, 1996

I've been looking for a web page like this one for so long and finally found it.
(Morpheus Wong, [email protected])

I really REALLY like the web page you have for Lovesongs :)  I was able
to find some lyrics there that I hadn't been able to find before. :) It's really great. :)
(The Quiet One, [email protected])

Yahoo! Weekly Picks
Yahoo!'s Weekly Pick's World Tour during the week 12th-18th Feburary, 1996

Thanks for all your help :)
It is people like you that make my job as a future bride so much easier ;)
(Adrienne Whitecross, [email protected])

Wow...what a pleasant surprise to see an interesting site outside of the US for a change!
(Yu-Shan Cho, [email protected])

The Too Cool Award
Awarded The Too Cool Award on the 14th Feburary, 1996

This is a page that I have been waiting for, for a long time.
(Ashraful Alom, [email protected])

Hi, I think your Web page has help alot of people find the
real meaning of particular songs.
(Nokia, [email protected])

Calgary Hearald Online
Featered in the Calgary Herald Online on the 15th Feburary, 1996

hi.. thank you for all the love have created a
wonderful place on the NEt.
(thuynh, [email protected])

First I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful job you have
done on "LOVESONGS" on the web.  I have been searching a long time for
the lyrics to these love songs but have no success.
(Binh Ly, [email protected])

Chicago Sun-Times Connected
Featered in the Chicago Sun-Times Connected on the 15th Febrary, 1996

Why do you do this.??? I mean you are fabulous!
We are looking for songs for our wedding and this is a real help :)
You know, it is people like you that keep love alive ;)
(Adrienne Whitecross, [email protected])

THANK YOU MICHAEL!!! I just found your page today.  I have been looking
for the lyrics to Annie's re-recording of "No More I Love Yous" for
about three months.  Mission accomplished because of your page. Great job.
(Nancy, [email protected])

Ottawa Citizen Online
Featered in The Ottawa Citizen Online on the 18th Febrary, 1996

hello.  i wanted to say that i love your page.  it warms my heart
and memories to read these lyrics and be reminded of a true love.
(Robert O'Dea, [email protected])

You have a really Great Site.  It is really helpful.  I am
planning a wedding and looking for songs that have nice words.
(Rebecca A. Ledesma, [email protected])

The Magellan
Reviewed by the The McKinley Group of Magellan on 27th March, 1996

First off I would just like to say that your page is probably one of the
most useful ones I've come across since I began surfing the web
(Deon James, [email protected])

I like your page. Its very useful, fun, and professional.
(atsai, [email protected])

Top 5% Web Site
Became a Top 5% Web Site from Point on the 17th May, 1996

I just want you to know that you have a big fan of your web page in 
Canada (Montreal).  I find it very simple, rich and clean.  For a music 
player and signer, you've been a good support for me.
(Eric Blanchard, [email protected])

Thank you for all those beautiful songs.. I love them and so does my
girlfriend.. We live very far away from each other and what really binds
us are these love songs which truely have stood test of times and makes
our relationship full of meaning.
(Ash Kaushesh, [email protected])

Best of Campus
Received a Best of Campus Award on 10th of June, 1996

I have visited your homepage and lyrics page many times. I love the 
songs, and I hope that you will keep this up. I had a guy who is now my 
boyfriend send me a song that he read on your homepage and it said all of 
the perfect words.
(Bonny Reece, [email protected])

hey man i thinks it's really cool you dedicated your time into putting
these lyrics on the net.  i think its gonna really help me out cat i 
listen to most of these musics and most of them i don't know the whole 
lyrics to. keep up the good job.
(Robbie, [email protected])

Totally Awesome!
Was the Totally Awesome! Site of the Day on the 12th July, 1996

I found your love song page while surfing the Net and it has become one of my
favourite sites since. I love singing (mostly just to myself in the tub :-))
and it is great to actually have the words to all the most beautiful love songs.
Of course it also comes in very handy when I want to write a love letter...:-)
Well, just wanted to say thanks for the "service" you provide to us romantics out here!
(Catherine Madgwick, [email protected])

I have been looking for a page like this for a long, long time. I think
it is great and appreciate the time it must have taken to create such a 
site. I am about to get married and have been looking through song 
databases trying to find just the right song, but none of them had the 
lyrics. Thank you very much.
(Janie, [email protected])

Cool Site of the Night
Was Cool Site of the Nite on the 20th of July, 1996

You have no idea how happy I am to have found your site *again*.  My
wife found your URL back in May of this year.  Unfortunately, it was lost...
and it took until now that we found it again.  I'm glad we persisted.
(Jay D. Dyson, [email protected])

Your home page is a real treasure - I have added it to mine:
This page enabled me to find the artist who recorded "Endless Summer 
Nights" after I heard it on the radio last November and have been looking 
for it ever since!  No record stores could help me.
(Douglas Quine, [email protected])

LOVESONGS is © Copyright 1995/1996 by Michael Buenaventura [email protected]